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See more features on the screenshots page including:

   *General Information
   *Fuel Log
   *Service Schedule
   *Service Log
   *Parts/Materials List
   *Vendor List
   *Service and Expense Report
   *Service Reminders

A free trial version is available to see the features and screens in more detail.

fuel tracking
Track your fuel usage and efficiency over time.  The easy to use fuel log keeps track of every fill-up and allows you to export the data to a .csv file for trending in MS Excel.


service schedules
The Service Schedules in Vehicle Manager allow you to set up inspection or maintenance plans on a recurring basis by calendar time or odometer change, whichever comes first.  You can set up a template for an entire group of vehicles, and then apply that schedule to each of the vehicles in the group.  A pop-up window reminds you when you open the program which vehicles have service coming up or overdue.  Or, you can print a report at any time to see what's overdue or upcoming.


Expense Reports
Track expenses as they occur, and then view a complete list of your Fleet's service and expenses grouped by vehicle with the Service and Expense report.


And much more!
See more screenshots here, or download the free trial software.


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